Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Being a mother

I just wanna  share my feelings through this blog. Being a mother its such a amazing feeling.Its very difficult to survive all comforts for your baby but you got pregnant .You have a different feeling for your baby and you feel happy to do all those will happy to carry your baby inside your womb .Its a 9 month of journey and you will feel something different in every stage.

Friday, March 13, 2015

My best friend is my husband

Dear luvi
Love u so much. I found a best friend in u.I love to share all my thoughts n secrets wid u. You are one of the greatest feeling from god & your love is a gift for me day I open every day.You made me laugh,wiped my tears,hugged me tight,cheered me on and kept me going strong.You are not only my husband u r my best friend ,my greatest support,deepest love &strongest motivation. I am feeling blessed to have you in my life.My Life widout u is jst lyk monsoon widout rain, sky widout stars n fish widout water.I am incomplete widout u. I love u more than my life. We talk like friends,play like children,argue like husband &wife and protect each other like siblings.I can't live widout u luvi. U r my heartbeat,soul mate ,everything.I am lucky to have you in my life.If i had my life to live over again.Next time I could find you sooner,so that I could love you longer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Believe in yourself

Different Feelings of Life

There are different feelings of life are Love,Fear,Hope,Jealously,Hate,Worry,Peace,Anger,Pain,Guilt,Joy,Happiness.
.Life is short, and I don't have to explain about that, so why are we restraining ourselves from expressing who we really are? Sometimes, why don't we try to shout like hell when we're stressed; run through streets when we're happy; tell somebody I like you when we have the feeling; eat a whole bucket of fried chicken when we're hungry; skip some classes when we're tired; or just buy anything we like without thinking of the price? Of course I'm not saying we should do this everyday, or that will be really crazy, but releasing your true self just for some times, it wouldn't hurt. Just like what William Wallace said, every man dies, not every man really lives (quotes of the week). We are going to die someday, and if we can't do something to tell people who we are, what's the point of living? Worse is, we cannot even define who we are ourselves! So, go crazy once in a while, and reminisce some of your wacky parts of life and laugh for what you have done, and discover who you really are.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Samsung galaxy S5 launched in India

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is old news. Sure, it's a great smartphone - as you'll see in our in-depth review - but now all eyes are firmly locked on the Samsung Galaxy S5.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched at MWC 2014, with Samsung's fifth Unpacked conference packed with journalists looking to see what the latest Galaxy device holds.

All the big smartphone manufacturers are relatively entrenched in annual product cycles now, which means we can usually predict when they will launch their headlining products.A 'toned down' launch was likely after the New York Times reported that Samsung was going to lose the theatrics for the next launch of its handset - something which would have made a lot of us very happy after the awful 'Broadway' unveil for the S4.
But we did have to sit through at least two songs by an orchestra, which was lovely but seemed to take forever.
And you will be waiting a little bit for the Galaxy S5 too. Samsung isn't doing an Apple-style one week turnaround, as the official Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is actually April.
In terms of price there's no point hoping that Samsung might offer the Galaxy S5 at a more competitive rate than its predecessors, coming in at £599 in the UK with other regions still to set their own prices.
The Galaxy S5 is crammed full of new tech and thus the price tag makes a certain degree of sense - we're still waiting to see where it will land when it comes to contracts, but it will be at the higher end.

Monday, February 24, 2014

LG smartwatch coming in 2014: CEO

SEOUL: LG will launch its first smartwatch in 2014, the head of its mobile unit said on Monday, tapping into the nascent market for wearable devices seen as the mobile industry's new source of growth. 

The announcement from the South Korean smartphone maker came after industry leaderSamsung on Sunday launched the second generation of its own internet-enabled smartwatch, Galaxy Gear 2. 

"We are working on the development of wearable device... more specifically in the form of a watch," Park Jong-Seok, the CEO of LG Electronics' mobile unit, told reporters. 

"(It) will come out this year," he said, adding the watch would be remotely linked to smartphones. 

"We're working hard to put on the table something that other companies have not offered yet," Park said, without elaborating further. 

LG - the world's fourth-largest smartphone maker - has not entered yet the market for wearable devices currently dominated by firms like Samsung, Sony and Pebble. 

A typical smartwatch allows users to make calls, receive texts and emails, take photos and access apps. 

So far, few companies have managed to generate large consumer excitement or sales in the market, also eyed by firms like Apple and Google. 

Apple is believed to be set to launch its own smartwatch soon, while Google is moving towards a wider consumer launch of its internet-enabled Glass later this year. 

The much-anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched by Samsung last September, however, was received coldly by consumers, who viewed it unfashionable and unwieldy. 

Now Samsung - the world's top maker of smartphones and mobile phones - seeks to lure more consumers with an array of new features on the Galaxy Gear 2, including sport tracking software, a heart rate monitor and remote control for devices such as TVs. 

Many handset makers are banking on smart devices to boost revenue as sales of smartphones slow in the mature, and most profitable markets. 

Though smartphone sales surged 42.4% to 968 million units last year, according to Gartner, the growth came from developing markets like Latin America, India and China, while mature markets such as western Europe and the United States hit the brakes. 

Meanwhile, global smartwatch sales are expected grow this year by more than 500% from 1.9 million units in 2013, and to expand further in coming years, according to the market researcher Strategic Analytics. 

Advanced markets including the US and Western Europe will drive the market, it said.

Google website to track global deforestation in real-time!!

 Google website to track global deforestation in real-time

Google has launched a new website that allows users to watch and track deforestation all over the world in near real time.

WASHINGTON: Google has launched a new website that allows users to watch and track deforestation all over the world in near real time.
The new website called Global Forest Watch is leveraged with deforestation data and outfitted with curated maps and in-depth reporting.
Scientists have been studying forests for centuries, chronicling the vital importance of these ecosystems for human society, Google said in a blog post.
But they still lack timely and reliable information about where, when, and why forests are disappearing.
This is about to change with the launch of Global Forest Watch - an online forest monitoring system created by the World Resources Institute, Google and a group of more than 40 partners.
Global Forest Watch uses technologies including Google Earth Engine and Google Maps Engine to map the world's forests with satellite imagery, detect changes in forest cover in near-real-time, and make this information freely available to anyone with Internet access.
By accessing the most current and reliable information, everyone can learn what's happening in forests around the world.
According to data from the University of Maryland and Google, the world lost more than 500 million acres of forest between 2000 and 2012, a report in the blog said.
That's the equivalent of losing 50 soccer fields' worth of forests every minute of every day for the past 13 years.
By contrast, only 0.8 million square km have regrown, been planted, or restored during the same period, according to the blog.