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First Mango phone hits market tomorrow, general availability... soon?

The first Windows Phone Mango handset hits the market tomorrow. The Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T has launched in Japan, available under KDDI's "au" brand. The water-resistant, dust-resistant phone sports a 13.2 MP camera and 32 GB of storage, and comes in three colors: the eye-searing citrus and magenta, and a rather more staid black. Both GSM and CDMA communications are supported.
As with most Windows Phones, the devices will include a handful of custom applications. These include DLNA media streaming, navigation, a social networking client, and a custom e-mail app.
The timing of the launch is a little surprising. The Windows Phone Marketplace only started accepting Mango submissions yesterday; there are scant few Mango-aware applications currently available, and that situation is unlikely to change substantially before the phone's release tomorrow.
No other carrier has announced any Mango devices yet, nor have any announcements been made as to when existing users will be able to upgrade. Even the imminent launch of the IS12T hasn't prompted Microsoft to be any more forthcoming with upgrade information.
Mango is all but essential for phones selling to the Japanese market, as it's the first version of Windows Phone to include support for non-Latin character sets. Mango includes support for, among others, Japanese, Chinese and Korean input. This dependence is no doubt what prompted Fujitsu/Toshiba to launch with Mango rather than the current released build.
The release underscores that it's ultimately the carriers who are in charge of Windows Phone's availability. KDDI is happy that it's good enough, so is launching the phone. Everyone else just has to wait.
The software was finished weeks ago—but when it gets into users' hands is anyone's guess. One data point worth considering: build 7392, a security update for the NoDo copy-and-paste release, still isn't available universally. AT&T and Verizon are both holding back according to Microsoft. And build 7392 was released onMay 3rd. Windows Phone's users could have a long wait ahead of them.

First Mango phone hits market tomorrow, general availability... soon?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comparisons b/w GOOGLE+ & FACEBOOK

Comparisons between Google+(plus) and Facebook

As we all know that Google goes social with Google+,it's a good news for internet revolution.As we know that Facebook is a social networking site which is one of the largest websites in the world,with more then 550 million monthly users.

About the website Facebook it was started in 2004 by the founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and it's amazing because at that time he was an undergraduate student at Harvard University.Any one over the age of 13 can join with a valid e-mail address can join Facebook.Right now in Facebook company 1000+ Employees are working.And the co-founder of Facebook company is Dustin Moskovitz.

About Google I think no need to say something.The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were Ph.D. candidates at Stanford University. Google went public in August 2004, after being a private company since September of 1998. From the beginning, Google's motto was, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful".Right now in Google company 22,000+ Employees are working.

But China is already Blocking Google+ means blocking the url authorities are not too keen on U.S.A social networks and block services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc...
While it is clear that Google as spent a lot of effort on Google+.The company has a poor track record with social products.Social network like Orkut,Google Wave,Google Buzz are all the examples of products had the best results.

At the end I would like to see you one thing which is said by a great writer,he writes:

“…All you do is make your core product heavier. The thing you wanted to kill (Facebook) doesn’t go anywhere. It hardly notices what you did. The users might care to the extent that they’re annoyed… Products like the one Google just announced are hatched at off-sites at resorts near Monterrey or in the Sierra, and were designed to meet the needs of the corporation that created it. A huge scared angry corporation.”

Please give me any response from your side means give me a comment on Comparisons between Google+(plus) and Facebook

Meditation is good for health and study

Meditation is a word which is heard by all of us.But most of us don't know what exactly meditation is ? may be because of less free time or no more resources. Now these days when internet has become a most reliable source of knowledge. Then how good if all information regarding meditation from what is and how to, where it comes from, what's are benefits of a very complicated and interesting subject which we call Meditation. Now i am here to provide all info on interested subject of our life. We are here to provide you with an insight into your life. We hope you go through this site and make sure that it something you learn from. This website is for everyone who wants to learn the technique of meditation and master it. It is about improving your inner vision. Before going for meditation, we should need to know following basics of meditation.

Meditation is necessary to live life peacefully and happily. Without controlling our mind we can’t achieve peace. It helps us to make our mind still. It reduces stress levels. It helps to realize the self.Meditation is a state of mind where there are no sensual thoughts. Meditation means putting all attention to a single point or object. Initially, we will find our attention flowing in different directions but with practice one can attain concentration or meditation. In meditation we practice to quite our mind.
Meditation is done to reduce high blood pressure and hypertension. During meditation stress levels come down five times. With meditation, the oxygen consumption of the body decreases considerably, thereby a person can stay longer in even very low oxygen conditions.
With practice of meditation one can increase his willpower. Meditation increases the strength of the soul, energy level and provides vitality and new vigour.
It is very important food for the soul.
There are different kinds of meditation. It depends on the taste, temperament, capacity and type of mind of the individual.
Meditation is of two kinds that is Saguna and Nirguna. In Saguna concrete figure of Lord Krishna is seen with open eyes. Meditating on the infinite is termed as Nirguna meditation.
Always one technique should be followed. In viparsana meditation, one concentrates on the breath , see the breath as it goes in and out.
In mantra meditation, one repeats a mantra in the mind like “Om namah shivaya”
When the mind is distracted during meditation do not wrestle with your mind gently bring back your attention to the point of concentration.
It is better to start at a small pace and later develop a regular practice to give more time.
It’s better to meditate in the brahmuhurat (early morning) or in the evening.
Meditation should not be done after having a meal. Milk and fruit diet helps in meditation.
Keep your head, neck and back in one straight line during meditation.
Practice meditation daily.

As our practice of meditation matures, and as we experience through it a quiet mind, we taste all the benefits of Meditation and real rest & joy.
With the successful practice of meditation, we experience for ourselves the fact that mediation is:
  • Meditation is the best way to prepare for death.
  • More valuable than money.
  • Greater than power.
  • More sublime than sex.
  • More rewarding than anything else.
  • Meditation provides notable emotional, physical and health benefits.
  • Focusing our attention in Meditation improves our ability to concentrate and relax.
  • People who meditate generally manage stress better that leads to improve productivity.                                                                                   THANK YOU...

Top Ten Big Mistakes of New Project Managers

Managers come from different walks of life, possess various characteristics, and have their own philosophies regarding how to manage a business and employees. In a broad sense, there are common mistakes made by managers at different levels and in various types of businesses. gives ten of the most common management mistakes.

1. Putting policies ahead of people. The smaller the organization, the larger the mistake this is. Policies are made to be followed, within reason. Some flexibility with employees, particularly in a small company, is important. An even bigger mistake is standing behind policies at the expense of losing loyal customers.

2. Lack of communication . In any industry, at any level, communication is key to being a successful manager. Employees need to know what is expected of them and when specific projects or tasks need to be completed. Communication needs to be clear, and any questions that arise need to be answered.

3. Failing to hear what your employees have to say. Managers make the mistake of listening but not always hearing what their employees are saying. To manage effectively, you need to understand the needs and concerns of your employees.

4. Not acknowledging that you do not have all the answers . A good manager does not make the mistake of trying to solve every problem. Seeking help from individuals with expertise in specific areas in a sign of strengths, not weakness. In addition, a good manager must understand that his or her way is not the only way to do the job.

5. The glass is always half empty. Managers who continually focus on the negatives, without recognizing positive achievements or employee accomplishments, end up with employees who are not motivated and often have one foot out the door looking for a more positive work environment.

6. Not accepting responsibility. A common mistake made by managers is to either delegate blame or simply not accept responsibility for that which happens under their guidance. Being in charge means taking responsibility for whatever happens.

7. Favoritism. Once a manager has obvious favorites, he or she loses credibility and the respect of the rest of the team.

8. Just do it. The Nike slogan does not work when employees are trying to gain an understanding of the process 
mply work blindly on tasks they do not understand, a good manager takes the time to explain what the project is all about how the team’s work is incorporated into the plan.

9. Too much technology. A new breed of managers is more tech-savvy than they are comfortable handling and managing people. Embracing technology is a key to success in the modern office environment, but not at the risk of embracing people skills. Do not hide behind e-mails and other technology.
10. Never change. In a rapidly changing business environment, not being open to change can be a major mistake. While you may stick to tried-and-true methods in some areas, you should consider and weigh the value of change in others.

Government agrees to Team Anna's conditions: Deshmukh

New Delhi, Aug 25 (IANS) A solution to the Lokpal standoff appeared near with the government having agreed to accept the three contentious demands of Team Anna.
Science and Technology Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said Thursday: 'The government has agreed to all three sticking points.'
Deshmukh, one of the mediators between the government and Team Anna, said this to reporters at Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar's Iftar party in the evening.
Anna Hazare, spearheading an anti-corruption campaign, has said he would end his fast only after the government includes the lower bureaucracy within the ambit of the Lokpal bill, appoints Lokayuktas in each state to be under the Lokpal and formulates a citizen's charter for government offices.
His fast entered day 10 Thursday.
Deshmukh also said the government would circulate the draft Lokpal bill to the states.
'It would be their (states) decision to adopt it,' he said, adding that the government had also agreed to include the lower bureaucracy under the Lokpal.
Deshmukh, a former Maharashtra chief minister, said the citizen's charter, which requires every public authority to publish citizen's charters listing its commitments to citizens, is already in the bill.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday made a passionate appeal to Hazare to end his fast. But the 74-year-old campaigner has refused to end his fast until the three key demands are met.
Deshmukh had met Hazare in the afternoon and then appraised the prime minister about Team Anna's demands.

Who is anna hazare?

Kisan Baburao Hazare (born 15 June 1937), popularly known asAnna Hazare  is a much-acclaimed popular Indian social activist who got mass-recognisation for his participation in the 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement, using nonviolent methods following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Hazare also contributed to the development and structuring ofRalegan Siddhi, a village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan—the third-highest civilian award—by the Government of India in 1992 for his efforts in establishing this village as a model for others.
Anna Hazare started a indefinite hunger strike on 5 April 2011 to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a strict anti-corruption law as envisaged in the Jan Lokpal Bill, for the institution of an ombudsman with the power to deal with corruption in public offices. The fast led to nation-wide protests in support of Hazare. The fast ended on 9 April 2011, the day after the government accepted Hazare's demands. The government issued a gazette notification on the formation of a joint committee, constituted of government and civil society representatives, to draft the legislation.
Anna has been ranked as the topmost influential person in Mumbai by a national daily newspaper.[6] Also, he has been believed to be the current youth icon in India.[7] He has faced criticism for his authoritarian views on justice, including death as punishment for corrupt public officials and his alleged support for forced vasectomies as a method of family planning

A Decade of Struggle

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Anna Hazare had to struggle for 11 years continuously against government for giving rights to citizens by making legislations for Right to Information, More Rights for the Gram Sabha, Regulating Transfers of the Government Officers, Prohibition and against Red Tapism.
  • After the ShivSena – BJP government came in power on March 11, 1995; Anna Hazare started communicating with the government for taking steps to curb corruption. He wrote to the government 15 times and had meetings with it.
  • He sent a letter to the government on January 12, 1998 asking it to make an act for Right to Information for checking corruption.
  • As government was not paying any heed to his demand even after writing many letters and discussions, he started dharna on April 6, 1995 at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai.
  • He again wrote to the government 10 times between April 6, 1998 and August 2, 1999 asking it to make the Act for Right to Information. In the mean time, Congress – NCP government came in power.
  • He communicated with the newly formed government 5 times pressing it to make the Act. As it failed to do this, he wrote to the govt. on April 6, 2000 warning it that a statewide dharna agitation in front of Collector Offices would be started from 1st may and he would go on fast from 20th May, 2000.
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  • As per schedule, the dharna agitation started in front of all Collector Offices all over the state on 2nd May. The fast was postponed as the Central Government passed a bill in Lok Sabha on Information Technology.
  • Continued communication with the govt. Wrote 14 times and had meetings with the govt. One year lapsed.
  • On 1st March 2001, wrote to the govt. that he would start statewide maun andolan from 1st May if the govt. did not make the legislation. The Chief Minister held a meeting with other concerned ministers and Secretaries and made a promise that the govt. will pass the bill in the coming session.
  • After the promise from the Chief Minister, 81 days lapsed. Anna’s correspondence with the govt. was continued. He wrote again on 1st March 2001 telling that he would undertake maun on 9th August 2001 at his native village Ralegan Siddhi.
  • As per his warning, he started maun agitation on 9th August. On the same day, people started agitation all over Maharashtra.
  • After 4 days of maun, the Minister of Law and Justice Mr. Vilas Kaka Undalkar visited Ralegan Siddhi to discuss with Anna Hazare. He facilitated a telephonic discussion with the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra. After promise from them, Anna stopped his maun.
  • After the lapse of 1 year and a month and writing more than 15 letters, the govt. was not taking any action. So Anna started maun again on 21st Sept. 2002. After 5 days, four Ministers of the maharashtra Govt., viz. Mr. Dilip Valse Patil, Shivajirao Kardile, Shivajirao Moghe and R. R. Patil came to Ralegan Siddhi for discussions with Anna Hazare. After getting a written assurance from the Chief Minister and Chief secretary, Anna stopped his agitation.
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            • A meeting between Anna Hazare and the govt. was held on 30th October 2002 at Mumbai where the Chief Minister, the Chief secretary, other ministers and senior officers participated in the meeting on behalf of the govt. Again a promise was made.
            • But as the govt. was not kepi ng its promise, Anna again warned on 21st January that he would undertake agitation on 20th February at Mumbai.
            • In the mean time, the Chief minister of Maharashtra got changed. The new CM Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde informed Anna Hazare that a solution would be found within a timeframe after a meeting with Ministers and Senior Officers. So Anna postponed his agitation.
            • A high level meeting was held at the Secretariat in Mumbai on 17th February and the CM promised that appropriate action would be taken.
            • After the failure of the govt. to keep its words, Anna again warned the govt. of agitation from August 9, 2003 at Mumbai.
            • Anna finally went on fast on 9th August 2003 at the Azad Maidan in Mumbai. Thousands of people from all over Maharashtra gathered at the site of fast in support of his agitation. At the same time, people also protested at Collector Offices at all district headquarters. All this mounted tremendous pressure on the govt. There was a threat of govt. collapse if the Act was not passed. Finaly, the President of India signed the Bill on 12th day of Anna’s fast and declared that the Act would be effective from 2002. Anna ended his fast at the hands of a noted Social Worker Mr. Tukaramdada Gitacharya.
            • The Right to Information Act came into effect in Maharashtra from 2002. With Anna’s persuasion, the same Act came into effect for the whole nation.
            • Likewise, the Acts for more rights to the Gram Sabha and against Red Tapism were passed by the government.

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            These Acts are revolutionary steps towards strengthening of democracy in Maharashtra.


            Integrated village Development Project As a part of Golden Jubilee celebration of ”Bharat Chhodo Andolan “ Adarsh Gaon Yojna " was started under his chairmanship - “ Model Village “ project.
            Watershed development is one of the key tools contributing towards the overall objective of reducing poverty through sustainable development.
            The common man is put to lot of hardships and it has become difficult to make both ends meet as prices of essential commodities are rising constantly due to corruption. Hazare believes that our freedom is at the teeth of danger due to corruption and unless it is eliminated, the country will not be free in its true sense. Therefore, a peaceful war has been waged against corruption with the help of immense support from people.

            Right to Information includes the citizens’ right to -
            • inspect works, documents, and records.
            • take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records.
            • take certified samples of material.
            • obtain information in form of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts.

            The citizens can obtain the above from all government departments to ensure transparency. All they need to do is to invoke the Right To Information (RTI) Act. The state of Maharashtra leads in RTI activism and use, thanks to Anna Hazare’s inspiring leadership

            Honours, awards and international recognition

            Year of Award or HonorName of Award or HonorAwarding Organization
            2008Jit Gill Memorial AwardWorld Bank
            2005Honorary DoctorateGandhigram Rural University
            2003Integrity AwardTransparency International
            1998CARE International AwardCARE (relief agency)
            1997Mahaveer Award
            1996Shiromani Award
            1992Padma BhushanPresident of India
            1990Padma ShriPresident of India
            1989Krishi Bhushana AwardGovernment of Maharashtra
            1986Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra AwardGovernment of India

            Who is anna hazare?

            Improve your self confidence in 15 minutes

            I used to be frighteningly under confident in social situations. And although people who know me now would never believe I used to doubt myself so much I literally had to learn confidence until it became a natural part of me. I can tell you relaxed optimistic confidence is just, well so much more fun.
            Here I'll tell you about the things that made the most difference to my confidence levels...
            Some people have naturally high levels of confidence but everybody can learn to be more confident and
            Firstly, it's important to get a clear idea of what self confidence really means, otherwise you won't know when you've got it! So, self confidence means:
            1) Being calm. For every situation in life you need to run on the appropriate level of emotion. Too much emotional 'leakage' into a experience can spoil the experience. You make great strides towards confidence when you begin to relax in a greater range of situations.
            2) Being cool. The second part of self confidence is about being able to relax with uncertainty. To be 'cool' in a situation really means relaxing with not knowing how things will pan out. If you truly tolerate uncertainty, you can do pretty much anything.
            3) Not being too concerned with what others think of you. You know when you imagine what some place is going to be like before you go there but when you get there it is totally different to your imagination? That's how reliable your imagination is! Stop trusting your imagination so much. I've long since stopped bothering to imagine what others think of me because so often I've turned out to be wrong.
            4) Being specific - where do you want confidence? 'Confidence' is meaningless until you tie it to something specific. You are already confident that you can read these words or can switch a light on and off. So you don't need more confidence everywhere. To get what you want in life you have to establish exactly what you do want. Where do you want confidence in your life? Think about the specific situations now and write them down. You beginning to steer your brain towards confidence.
            Your brain is an organ that needs clear goals to work towards. When a task has been set in your brain it will do everything it can do to bring about the completion of that task. If you've tried to recall someone's name but can't, hours later you'll often find their name pops into your head.
            5) Understanding that what you expect is what you get
            The 'trying to recall' experience set the task or blueprint for your brain's future subconscious behaviour which eventually produced the name for you - when you weren't thinking about it consciously. You can use this natural mechanism to start feeling more confident. But, to ensure you set the right task for your subconscious mind, the next point is vital.
            6) Don't task your mind with negatives. Instead of: 'I don't want to screw up' (which sets the task of 'screwing up' for your brain), set the blueprint for what you do want! Your brain doesn't work towards what to do by being told what not to do. And nature has given you a wonderful natural tool to set the right task blueprints with.
            7) Use nature's goal-setter: Now you understand how vital it is to set the right task for you brain, you need to know how to do this reliably. Good hypnosis will strongly 'program' the right blueprint in your mind through the use of your imagination. If you powerfully imagine feeling confident and relaxed while in a relaxed hypnotic state it will be hard for your unconscious mind to do anything else. The blueprint for relaxation has been set firmly into your subconscious mind.
            3 simple strategies to get you feeling confident quickly:
            1) Think specifically of the time/place/situation you want to feel confident in. Remember 'confidence' doesn't mean anything until you attach it to something specific.
            lm', 'relaxed' or 'focused'. Remember your brain works on clear positive instructions.
            2) Focus on words in your mind right now that describe how you do want to be in that time and place. Maybe words such as 'calm,relaxed & focused.
            3) Close your eyes for as long as you like and think about how those words feel. Then, imagine the situation itself and rehearse it in your mind feeling confident and relaxed. This way you set the right blueprint or 'task' for your unconscious mind.
            You can repeat this often to make it more effective and use it with as many areas of your life as you need to. If you listen to a hypnotic cd or download that can make the benefits even more powerful (see my profile below). So if you feel like you'd be blessed with less confidence than some other people you can start redressing the balance by using your mind in the right way right now.
            It took me years to learn how to be more confident - now you can do it in a fraction of the time. Good luck!