Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meditation is good for health and study

Meditation is a word which is heard by all of us.But most of us don't know what exactly meditation is ? may be because of less free time or no more resources. Now these days when internet has become a most reliable source of knowledge. Then how good if all information regarding meditation from what is and how to, where it comes from, what's are benefits of a very complicated and interesting subject which we call Meditation. Now i am here to provide all info on interested subject of our life. We are here to provide you with an insight into your life. We hope you go through this site and make sure that it something you learn from. This website is for everyone who wants to learn the technique of meditation and master it. It is about improving your inner vision. Before going for meditation, we should need to know following basics of meditation.

Meditation is necessary to live life peacefully and happily. Without controlling our mind we can’t achieve peace. It helps us to make our mind still. It reduces stress levels. It helps to realize the self.Meditation is a state of mind where there are no sensual thoughts. Meditation means putting all attention to a single point or object. Initially, we will find our attention flowing in different directions but with practice one can attain concentration or meditation. In meditation we practice to quite our mind.
Meditation is done to reduce high blood pressure and hypertension. During meditation stress levels come down five times. With meditation, the oxygen consumption of the body decreases considerably, thereby a person can stay longer in even very low oxygen conditions.
With practice of meditation one can increase his willpower. Meditation increases the strength of the soul, energy level and provides vitality and new vigour.
It is very important food for the soul.
There are different kinds of meditation. It depends on the taste, temperament, capacity and type of mind of the individual.
Meditation is of two kinds that is Saguna and Nirguna. In Saguna concrete figure of Lord Krishna is seen with open eyes. Meditating on the infinite is termed as Nirguna meditation.
Always one technique should be followed. In viparsana meditation, one concentrates on the breath , see the breath as it goes in and out.
In mantra meditation, one repeats a mantra in the mind like “Om namah shivaya”
When the mind is distracted during meditation do not wrestle with your mind gently bring back your attention to the point of concentration.
It is better to start at a small pace and later develop a regular practice to give more time.
It’s better to meditate in the brahmuhurat (early morning) or in the evening.
Meditation should not be done after having a meal. Milk and fruit diet helps in meditation.
Keep your head, neck and back in one straight line during meditation.
Practice meditation daily.

As our practice of meditation matures, and as we experience through it a quiet mind, we taste all the benefits of Meditation and real rest & joy.
With the successful practice of meditation, we experience for ourselves the fact that mediation is:
  • Meditation is the best way to prepare for death.
  • More valuable than money.
  • Greater than power.
  • More sublime than sex.
  • More rewarding than anything else.
  • Meditation provides notable emotional, physical and health benefits.
  • Focusing our attention in Meditation improves our ability to concentrate and relax.
  • People who meditate generally manage stress better that leads to improve productivity.                                                                                   THANK YOU...

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