Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Believe in yourself

Different Feelings of Life

There are different feelings of life are Love,Fear,Hope,Jealously,Hate,Worry,Peace,Anger,Pain,Guilt,Joy,Happiness.
.Life is short, and I don't have to explain about that, so why are we restraining ourselves from expressing who we really are? Sometimes, why don't we try to shout like hell when we're stressed; run through streets when we're happy; tell somebody I like you when we have the feeling; eat a whole bucket of fried chicken when we're hungry; skip some classes when we're tired; or just buy anything we like without thinking of the price? Of course I'm not saying we should do this everyday, or that will be really crazy, but releasing your true self just for some times, it wouldn't hurt. Just like what William Wallace said, every man dies, not every man really lives (quotes of the week). We are going to die someday, and if we can't do something to tell people who we are, what's the point of living? Worse is, we cannot even define who we are ourselves! So, go crazy once in a while, and reminisce some of your wacky parts of life and laugh for what you have done, and discover who you really are.