Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Messages!!!

Excelent msg in human life~
Good Behavior Can Cover the Lack Of Beauty~
Beauty Can Never Cover the Lack Of Good Behavior.

Waqt se kr jo apna nasib badal de.
Insan whi jo apni taqdir badal de.
Kal kya hoga kabhi na socho,
kya pta kal waqt khud apni tasvir badal de

Great thinking . . .
Whats The Difference Between
Like & Love
When You Like A Flower
U Just Pluck It..!
When You Love A Flower
U Water It Daily....!!

Beautiful words for life:
"Difficulties r an attempt by GOD to change our minds..."
"But prayers are an attempt by us to change God's mind..!"!!:-)