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What Is a P
"Portlets are web components--like servlets--specifically designed to be aggregated in the context of a composite page. Usually, many portlets are invoked to in the single request of a portal page. Each portlet produces a fragment of markup that is combined with the markup of other portlets, all within the portal page markup." (from the Portlet Specification, JSR 168)

This article discusses the following:

  1. Elements of a Portal Page
  2. What Is a Portal?
  3. What Are Portlets?
  4. Developing a "Hello World" Portlet
  5. Deploying a HelloWorld Portlet on Pluto
  6. How a Portal Page Is Created
  7. Conclusion
  8. Resources

The Portlet specification defines a portlet as a "Java-technology-based web component, managed by a portlet container that processes requests and generates dynamic content." That's not the easiest thing to understand, is it? This article will explain what portlets are and what they do.

Figure 1 shows what your browser will look like when you access a portal server.

Thumbnail, click for full-size image.
Figure 1. Typical portal server content (click for full-size image)

If you take a closer look at the browser content, you will see that this page is made up of different "windows." There is one window for the weather update, another window for news, a third for a stock price update, and so on. Each of these windows represents a portlet. If you take closer look, you will find that each of these windows has a title bar and a few buttons, including minimize and maximize buttons.

Under the covers, these windows are different applications, developed independently of each other. The developer of the news portlet will create an application and pack it into a .war file. Then the administrator of the portal server will install this .war file on the server and create a page. In the next stage, every user will choose which applications he wants on his page. For example, if the user is not interested in stock updates but is interested in the sports update, he can replace his "Stocks Update" window with a "Sports Update" window.

Portlet technology requires learning a lot of new concepts, and it won't be possible for us to cover everything in one article, so we have split this article into two parts. In this part, we will define portals and portlets and develop a simple "Hello World" portlet. We will talk about a few more advanced topics in the next part.

We will use Apache's Pluto server--the reference implementation of the Portlet API 1.0 specification--for testing our sample portlets. We will also spend some time talking about how to install and use the Pluto server.

Elements of a Portal Page

Figure 2 shows the various elements of portal page.

Elements of a Portal page
Figure 2. Elements of a portal page

Every portlet page is made up of one or more than one portlet windows. Every portlet window is made up of two parts: one is the decoration, which will decide how the title bar, controls, and borders of portlet windows will appear. The second part is the portlet fragment, which is the part contributed by the portlet application.

Your portal server decides the overall look and feel of the portal page, such as the logo, the colors of the title bars, the images for the controls, etc. By changing a few standard JSPs and .css files, you can change the complete look and feel of your portal. We will talk more about this in the "How a Portal Page is Created" section.

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its my fav song of movie sangharsh...

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Last year of

This is the last year of which is very important in my life.Now I have started thinking about my carrier which is very important to fullfill my goals. I am go through aptitute test,g.d. ,interviews,technical test and many things this year.But im very lazy to do all these things.This year is to change myself and know  my weakness ,my strength and my abilities. If i get a little chance of clearing the interviews,aptitute and g.d.(group disscussion) then i am dying to face them at any cost.I have to improve myslef.Please frndz wish me good luck that i would clear test and placed somewhere in a good company. 

what is friendship?

Why Should I Have To Cry For You

Why should I have to cry for you
You were the one who have to cry for me
You lost a very special friend
And that is me you wont understand this now
When you feel all alone and when u needs some one
Then you will understand what you lost
All the time I was the one
Who used to handle u but now
I won’t cry for you for leaving you all alone
U should learn everything by your own from now
There is no one to hide your mistakes
Now its u r turn show up what u are
Re u dead re u insane, you are very much alive
You are not deaf u can hear me
And I know u can understand
I am not feeling bad I won’t feel bad too

Its you are wish how u behave with me
We used be best friends right

No! Only I used to think that
We re best friends u be happy
But u know i too have a heart
Even i am a human i am not robot
To forget u easily why this always
Happens to me why did u cheat me
Am I not fit for you are friendship
Then why didn’t you said it straight
I never asked u anything
Just answer me one thing
What am i to u?

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one of my fav song.............

This is one of my fav song kasam hi kasam (MEIN PREM KI DIWANI HU).In this song "kuch ishaaro me tumne hamse jo kha h ab yakin aa rha h tumko bhi kuch hua h." this is my fav line...

one of my fav song.............

This is one of my fav song.In this song 


Pooja Desai, Ashish Patil (story writers). Anvita Dutt Guptan (Dialogue, Screenplay). Casting director and director Nupur Asthana. Not necessarily in that order, all need to be complimented for a job well done. Not to forget the technicians and all the people who work in the background making the magic that unfolds on screen. MUJHSE FRAAANDSHIP KAROGE is pure magic.

Yash Raj Films are synonymous with love stories, and with their second release from newly launched youth division Y-Films, the production house stick to what they know best: a story about love.

So, the premise for the season’s most screwed up love story, is: Rahul loves Malvika. And Malvika loves Rahul. But Rahul is not Rahul. Rahul is Vishal. And Vishal loves Malvika too. But Malvika is not Malvika either. Malvika is Preity. And Preity loves Rahul. But Preity hates Vishal. And Vishal hates Preity.

A romantic comedy set against the backdrop of social networking, Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge tells the tale of two losers, Vishal (Saqib Saleem) and Preity (Saba Azad) who fake their online identities in an attempt to get the attention of drop dead gorgeous Malvika (Tara D’Souza) and rockstar Rahul (Nishant Dahiya). What they do not realize, is that the person they hate most in the real world, just happens to be the same person they have fallen in love with online.

To cut the long story short, Malvika, dances with Rahul on stage during one of their performances. Vishal is besotted by her and before you know it sends her a friend request on FB posing as Rahul. Malvika thinks it 'uncool' and tacky, while her friend, Preity, has the same effect on Rahul as does Vishal on Malvika. She accepts, without her friend's knowledge and then begins the long hours at chat. Preity, however, tells Malvika, when Rahul (actually Vishal) requests a meeting. Vishal also urges Rahul to meet Malavika. Both meet and hit it off.Those actually chatting (Vishal and Preity) hate each other. Both cannot see eye-to-eye and Vishal does his best to overpower Preity with his wit on the college project there are working on. The end, when it comes, is quite a revelation. Is it cool to type warm 'I love you' messages in cold text or look into the eyes of the person you love and say the same? What's the best place to hang-out? facebook, or with real friends? Food for thought.
Saqib and Saba are electric on screen. Their chemistry is simply sizzling. Both are first rate actors. Their bickering, back-biting, fighting while working together and finally falling in love is what you will connect with. It's very real. Nupur has handled all of these scenes with 'adolescent maturity'.
Saba is not conventionally good looking but exceptionally beautiful. With original teeth, normal lips and a real nose. I mean you can't get more real characters than her. She plays a major part in tilting the scales heavily in MFK's favour.

Prashant, Tara and the guy who plays Vishal's friend too chip in with good performances. The songs are catchy and peppy, the mood upbeat.At the end  of movie ,vishal and preety fall in love with each other.

The youth will simply love it.I just give only 2.5 out of 5
 My Rating - 2.5/5

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Shayari on love

Is Behte Dard Ko Mat Roko Ye To Saza Hai Kisi Ke Intezaar Ki Log Inhe Aansu Kahe Ya Deewangi Par Ye To Nishani Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Ki..

Love Shayari by

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Result out of 6th sem

I am very scared when i am heard that result 6th sem is out.Iam very nervous n feeling shivering that day.I dont knw that was my result .I am continously mumering n remembering to god and saying that god plzz help me out.
At 2 o' clock I check my result on net.I am all clear with 67%. I am very to see  my result .At first i call my frnd jstn to inform him that my result was gud n say that u also check ur result...then i thank to my god .After some tym when i call him he say that my result was not good.This tym all group frndzz was all clr with good percentage.But im not happy that 2 of my best  frndzz was not get good result this result.Then im pray for my bst frndzz .I am motivated to  my frndzz to do hard work n get good result in nxt sem.