Sunday, October 30, 2011

what is friendship?

Why Should I Have To Cry For You

Why should I have to cry for you
You were the one who have to cry for me
You lost a very special friend
And that is me you wont understand this now
When you feel all alone and when u needs some one
Then you will understand what you lost
All the time I was the one
Who used to handle u but now
I won’t cry for you for leaving you all alone
U should learn everything by your own from now
There is no one to hide your mistakes
Now its u r turn show up what u are
Re u dead re u insane, you are very much alive
You are not deaf u can hear me
And I know u can understand
I am not feeling bad I won’t feel bad too

Its you are wish how u behave with me
We used be best friends right

No! Only I used to think that
We re best friends u be happy
But u know i too have a heart
Even i am a human i am not robot
To forget u easily why this always
Happens to me why did u cheat me
Am I not fit for you are friendship
Then why didn’t you said it straight
I never asked u anything
Just answer me one thing
What am i to u?

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