Friday, February 14, 2014

What is Love????

Love is eternal and wonderful feeling which can't express in words just feel it.Everyone wants to love and to be loved.At that time this feeling helps to reveal all the positive things of the person to whom you love.Only Love is able to change the person the way a parent can change a baby. Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up..Love is not only for having girlfriend or boyfriend.Love is when my mom kisses me & says "mera bacha lakhon me ek hai" .Love is when you come back from your work dad said"itni late kyu ho gyi" . Love is when your brother says"tu tension mat le me hu na tere saath". Love is when your sister said"chal kahi ghum k aate hai". its all about LOVE.Love you all who have been a special part of your life. Spread love all over the world as much you can. Love is like a sun giving light to our darkest days.Love is most deep human feeling.Love can make life full of fun and happiness.Love is able to give us a new life,help us new strengths and creative forces.Sometimes love is very complex feeling since it is associated not only with tenderness & joy but also with pain & tears.Love is mixed with many types of feeling. There are 3 types of Love:-
1.Love of family:-
Love your parents,brothers and sister and your family members who can support you in every stage of your life & sort out your problems.
2.Love of teachers:-
love your teachers and respect them .It is similar as love of family. They were always besides you to help you,encourage you ,motivate you, try to solve your all problems.
3.Love for someone:-
It is different from love of family and teachers.It is a amazing feeling .It doesn't care about the rules,religion,caste or culture.It would be happen in any age orany where or any time. If two heart become one soul is called LOVE. If you love someone ,then respect their feeling and never hurt them. If you were in love.everything will look different,everytime you think about that person to whom you love and you want to share all the  things with them . If there is a silence b/w two people,so profound was they both love with each other,they don't need to express their feeling in words.

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